Romeo & Friends

One of the beautiful things about our Bed and Breakfast is the fact that you never know what nature has in store for us each day. It is been fun over the years to name our pets that frequent the property or that make it their home.

Romeo, our resident swan, is one of those stories. Back in the early 2000”s, Beth decided to surprise Bud for his birthday with a pair of beautiful white swans and named them Romeo and Juliet (first movie Bud and Beth saw together).   A funny story came out of that birthday gift: 7 months later, Bud gave Beth a riding lawn mower with all the attachments. Bud thought it was humorous!!

Romeo and Juliet were together for eight years but unfortunately, Juliet lost her life in December a few years back to someone that tried to steal her.  Romeo actually went into depression, but now is King of the pond. He seems to like the blue herons, the ducks, Donald and Daisy (our resident mallards), Daffy our resident black duck and loud, screeching Aflec – our unattached white duck.  He does not like the geese and battles to keep them off the pond.

The swan and ducks are feed regularly and are sensitive to what they can eat, so please only feed them what the innkeeper gives you. They love to follow the paddle boat around and get feed. The fish jump for bread and our largest caught was a 12 ½ pound striped bass.  Fishing is always a catch and release!!

Below you will see photos of an eagle, blue heron, white heron, hummingbirds, turtles, all types of birds, catfish, deer, fox and even an otter.   It is fun to just watch what the different species do.  Enjoy and send us photos of things you may capture while staying at B&B’s Country Garden Inn.

Photo Gallery