Violet Room/Mickey Suite



A private seating gallery with a child's own room right near mom and dad is all done up in the Disney themes to keep your young traveler happy away from home.  If wanting a friend to share a room, this makes a great option.  We also have a rollaway bed, if needed.  There is a mini-refrigerator and microwave that can be used. 
A room to bring back childhood memories. Rob, our son, loved the famous Mickey Mouse, and we had the fortune of being able to visit both Disneyland and Disney World with Rob and Julie. We still tell stories and tales of those great vacations. 

So, we honor our wonderful son, Rob, by naming this room for you. Thank you for all the fun!! 

Rob was and still is the adventuresome one. Never a dull moment with Rob. He was into baseball, soccer, and cars. When we transferred to NC, he stayed in college for a year in Texas, then transferred to NC receiving a degree in biology and one in chemistry. Rob continued his studies and became an IC RN that travels to many different hospitals. His wife, Renee (2000), is a second grade teacher. We were pleased to honor Renee with the naming of the Tulip Room.

Rob and Renee presently live in St. John, Indiana and have given us two beautiful granddaughters. The family are Disney fans today, from dressing up as Mickey and Minnie for Halloweens or the girls always being one of the Disney princesses to already several trips to Disney World and one Disney Cruise. They hope, in the future, to do an Alaskan Disney cruise. And we certainly know Rob did not want his room to be named a flower... so we made it The Mickey Room. We hope your children/friends enjoy it!

Thank you Rob for all the fun and laughs -- we are proud of you!!




* Discounts given for showing AARP, AAA, Senior and Military identification


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