Our Innkeepers
Tom & Linda Daniels have been the B&B Innkeepers since October 2009. They are originally from Torrance, California and moved to Cary in 1992. They have two grown children, who are married now, and four grandchildren who adore their “Oma” & “Papa”.

Linda loves to cook and garden and grows her own sprouts and herbs. She has lots of experience with making raw, vegan and gluten-free meals and loves to talk about healthy eating. Tom is a history buff, loves old movies, football, and is a walking encyclopedia of trivia. They both love to watch nature at the inn (see photos under Romeo and Friends).

I know, as both the owner of the inn, and by the testimonials that we have received EVERYONE loves the breakfast that Linda will prepare for you. Linda and Tom both help with the coordination and the running of all events held at the inn and the praises for these two are off the charts.

So if you want peace and quiet, Tom and Linda will respect that, but……if you want to sit and chat, play some cards, or just drink a glass of wine by a bonfire, Tom and Linda love visiting with our guests from all parts of the world.

Bud and I are very pleased they came to live at the inn.


Tom and Linda