The Rose Room

A king-sized four poster bed and large private bath done in lovely pinks and whites gives this room a definite Victorian flair. A large sitting area overlooks the beautiful ponds and gardens. Perfect for the quiet getaway or honeymoon suite.

This room was named for our beautiful daughter, Julie. She loves roses and shared with us that roses are her favorite flowers. So our daughter gave us...The Rose Room. 

Julie was born in Chicago, Illinois. When she was only two years old, we relocated to Austin, Texas where Julie learned to love swimming. We moved to the Raleigh area when she was sixteen. Swimming scholarships paid her way through college. She completed her undergraduate studies at Indiana University, then earned a graduate degree in physical therapy. She is one of the first licensed canine physical therapists in the world. Her love of people, her kindness and gentleness, and her way of always making something good out of something bad, will be tremendous assets for her career as a physical therapist. 

The Rose Room was done with memorabilia from Julie's life. A famous swimmer, a sketch by Julie, hangs from one of the walls, her favorite doll, Raggedy, awaits a hug, love cards boasting roses sit around the room. The flowers, ribbons, pinks and delicacy of this room are all our Julie. 

Today, Julie lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with her husband Steve, and our grandson Nathan. As you will see from photos in the room, the three of them are great lovers of the outdoors and enjoy all types of adventures. If you ask them what brings them peace and happiness everyday, they surely will tell you cuddling with the dogs, traveling to exotic places and enjoying nature of all types. We love you.

You have brought us such joy--we honor you by naming this room for you. 

* Discounts given for showing AARP, AAA, Senior and Military identification

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